Travel erodes ignorance

This is my first thought when asked about my decision to take my son on a long-term trip to the other end of the globe. In this photo, Aidan is examining a crack in the bridge that is significant enough that the highway below is visible. What a great tool for a lesson about structures, corrosion or even civics.

Crossing a bridge in Mexico City
Crossing a bridge in Mexico City

This was truly unlike anything we’ve ever seen before and even though it was safe enough for us to cross at the time, I wouldn’t want to continue testing our luck!

Bridge in Mexico City

2 thoughts on “WHY TRAVEL WITH KIDS?”

  1. This is pretty interesting. For anyone reading this Kim was kind enough to pick me up hitchhiking on my way from Toronto to Ottawa. Although it took quite a while to get to the rest of the way, I eventually made it and ended up having quite the experience.

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