Travel with a Compass of Courage!

Never let fear override your wanderlust!

Travel can be tricky, aggravating and downright terrifying at times.

Never let your fear override your wanderlust!
Colombia, Caribbean Coast

We know! We have survived some serious travel mishaps; a lost child in Peru, a missed long haul bus ride in Argentina and outrunning highway bandits in Mexico, to name a few.  

Safety is a topic that comes up frequently when talking about our journeys through Latin America. The truth is even though there is so much to gain from the experience, risks are inherent.

Experienced travellers will tell you that these risks can be managed; even still, keeping your psyche in check can be a challenge and ultimately, there is just no way to plan for every possible scenario.

So why go?

For some, absolutely no rationale will ever be convincing enough to overcome the inconveniences or potential dangers of visiting the far corners of this world, no matter how magnificent. If this is the case, this site might not be for you (unless you like a good car chase).

Peru Machupicchu
Peru Machupicchu

However, if you have the slightest curiosity or interest in travel but the fear of the unknown is holding you back, read on. Our journeys will prove that despite the adversity, travel is always worthwhile.  

Kim and Aidan – Veracruz, Mexico

Travel with a Compass of Courage!

Kim and Aidan




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